Vig's Exchange

Vig Tun is the rarely-seen owner of Vig’s Exchange, the only magic shop in Gollowmere. Vig has been trying to get interested adventurers in expanding his selection of items by investing large amounts of coin in his business so he may afford ample security and better recipes as well as obtaining the rarer ingredients needed for crafting rarer magical items.

Vig’s shop is guarded by gargoyles and has one mud golem that acts as the store clerk.

Currently, the list of items that Vig is selling are as follows:

Ammunition +1- Base price of ammo +120 gp
Bracers of Archery- 220gp (1 left)
Pearl of Power- 400gp (2 left)
Bandana of Water Breathing- 300 gp (1 left)
Shield +1- Base price of shield +300gp (4 left)
Spell Scrolls (level 1 only from Wizard/Sorcerer list)- price varies depending on spell

Vig's Exchange

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