The Rules

The allowed material for Gollowmere is anything from the PHB, the ‘evil’ classes from the DMG (page 96), the spells and races from the Elemental Evil Companion Guide (, the spells and sub-classes from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide and the sub-classes from the Unearthed Arcana collection (

Roll for stats in roll20 so I can see what you rolled. It’ll be 4d6, drop the lowest. Do this 6 times and assign these scores to your attributes. Add racial bonuses as normal.

When starting a new session, session goals will be presented to the players. If this isn’t the players’ first time in Gollowmere, they may opt to state their own goal if I allow it. Once the goal is completed, the players receive XP based on how difficult the goal was. If the players don’t complete the goal by the end of the session, the players return to town with no more encounters and have failed the goal, gaining no XP or rewards from any NPCs wanting the goal completed.

Inventory space is to be kept track of by all players. A list of how many pounds an item may carry is on page 153 of the Player’s Handbook. For example, a person carrying a backpack may have 30 pounds of gear in it regardless of size but may not exceed 30 pounds.

When leveling up you may either take the average OR roll for health. Add your CON modifier as normal.

Inspiration is given to every character at the start of each new session. They begin with two uses of Inspiration, which can do one of two things: Gain advantage on a roll OR turn disadvantage into advantage. By the end of the session, unused inspiration is turned into 25 XP each.

Keep track of rations and ammunition. You recover half of you used ammunition, rounded down when finishing combat (and provided you take the time to do so).

Wands and staves all have a set number of charges that they only regain if the spell is cast on the wand/staff. When they run out of charges, they may no longer be recharged.


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