Regions around Gollowmere

The following is the explored regions of Gollowmere:

To the east of Gollowmere is the Far Ocean, a wide body of water that takes almost a year to travel to get back to the Empire. The Empire is off-limits to any prisoner of the Empire, as their brand will burn through their flesh and cause near-instant death if they travel too close to the mainland.

To the north of Gollowmere is the Lightwoods, a moderately dense forest where small farming communities provide food for Gollowmere. The Lightwoods also spread to the west, and in the west the woods turn into the Darkwoods where light rarely penetrates the tall trees. This is an unexplored land, deadly and dangerous.

To the south of Gollowmere is where some small settlements have sprouted up in the Boglands, a swamp that extends further South into the Deep Bogs where monstrous snakes slither in the muck and strange lights lead travelers astray.

Regions around Gollowmere

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