Upgrades for Gollowmere

Gollowmere can be upgraded by spending the appropriate amount of gold to unlock the next tier of advancement. Not everything has the same amount of tiers, for example the Bazaar won’t be able to be upgraded as often as the Statue of Glory.

Bazaar- 700gp. Allows players to begin a new character with a random magical item. Further upgrades allow for rarer items to be given out.

Brewer’s Guild- 500gp. Allows for more potions other than potions of healing to be sold. Further upgrades allow for rarer potions to be sold.

Construct Guild Hall- 1000gp. Allows for training in various activities, including (but not limited to): languages, armor training, weapon training, shield training and skill training.

Construct Magician’s Hall- 1000gp. Allows for all level 1 spell scrolls from all arcane classes to be sold by magic-users. Further upgrades allow for higher level of spell scrolls to be sold.

Create Hireling Guildhall- 500gp. Hirelings, both trained and untrained, will be officially allowed to provide services for adventurers. They will either be paid daily or take a cut of profits.

Statue of Glory- 800gp. Allows players to begin a new character at level 2. Further upgrades allow players to begin new characters at higher levels, up to a maximum of level 4.

Upgrade Vig’s Magical Selection- 1200gp. Vig will be able to sell rarer equipment. Further upgrades give Vig more of a selection and rarer equipment.

Upgrades for Gollowmere

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