Welcome to Gollowmere

The history of Gollowmere is short: three years ago the Eldani Empire founded the town on an unknown continent. The Empire began to allow prisoners who were guilty of minor crimes the opportunity to start fresh at Gollowmere, provided they become branded and surrender all other possessions to the Empire. In exchange for helping settle new lands for the Empire, prisoners will be granted a stay of execution and all spoils of exploration unless intervened with by an Imperial agent. Homesteading requires a yearly tithe to the Empire.

For whatever reason, you are such a prisoner. The call of the wild beckons to you, and instead of farming or running a small business you decided to gear yourself up for an adventure to discover the unknown. Residents of Gollowmere tell rumors of ruins, wild beasts, guards keeping their place by vast treasures and other enriching stories.

This is a West Marches style game. If you don’t know what a West Marches game is, here’s a rundown by the creator of it:http://arsludi.lamemage.com/index.php/78/grand-experiments-west-marches/

Check the Rules section to learn more about the game.

Read up on the sessions by clicking on the Adventure Log , and discover the regions around Gollowmere as well as what the Drinking Monk has to offer.

Listen to the rumors in Gollowmere and find out if what everyone’s talking about is fact or fiction.

Also stop by the shops- Olor’s Emporium for all things mundane, Vig’s Exchange for any magical equipment he can provide and the temple to the Gods.

Finally, learn about the various ways any adventurer can improve Gollowmere.